Uniquip, Security Chimneys International and Fenergic

Les Placements Domaine inc.

4101 boulevard Industriel
Ste-Rose, Laval

Project Description

Building structure built in accordance with specifications of each tenant. Second in a series of four buildings that are constructed to maximize space efficiency and utilization, while integrating offices and warehouse operations complete with loading dock.

Uniquip is a national supplier of equipment for contractors. Fenergic is a supplier of window systems for residential and commercial markets. Security Chimneys International Limited is a supplier of quality chimneys and selected fireplaces

New commericial/industrial building

  • 53 763 sq ft
  • Steel structure set on slab base
  • Superior external surface materials, such as masonry, granite, metal cladding, and integrated multi-window style
  • Exterior landscaping, land 67,620 sq ft
  • Parking for light and heavy vehicles
  • Maneuvering area for truck loading
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